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#TEASER – Implano de Arisana, 2018 by Halida Boughriet

Implano de Arisana, 2018 Installation for 6 projections with sound. © Halida Boughriet


—Along the Paillon, the backbone of the event, creations relating to a programme on the theme of the personal, social and political identities of territories, as conceived by MATHILDE ROMAN and MARC BARANI, will vary the formats and modalities of narration by day and by night, adapting to the specificities of places and works.
« Implano de Arisana » is large-scale public installation, the artist halida Boughriet will explorate public space while evoking voices of womens and stories from submerged and forgotten persons, histories and cultures, from the Ariane quarter.

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