water of life, 2017

water of life, 2017
Vidéo/performance/ 1’10


Psychogeography, 2015
MAAC. Brussel.

Conflicts and the scars they leave form the common thread in Boughriets work and it is in this context she invites us to a performance placed in the urban setting of Brussel.
Her performance Psychogéography focuses on the immigration problem, a large-scaled phenomenon that still until this date leads to an incoherent reception policy. Boughriet will disturb the public space carrying plastic bags containing a deafening soundtrack that tells the stories of people in exile in resonance with poetic texts that take us on a journey through a chaotic landscape. This performance will find place along a route mapped by the artist and will be filmed

Des intégrations

Des intégrations, 2015
17′ vidéo HD couleur son 16/9

Dans la vidéo Des intégrations , la mémoire collective et la mémoire politique se figent, à la limite de l’amnésie voire de la négation. La voix off augmente le rapport subjectivité/objectivité dans la narration.
Les personnages jouent sur une série de correspondances qui érigent le film au rang de transfert visuel.