13 janvier 2006 by amirouche Photography 0

No man’s land

No man’s land 2006-2008 Dimensions variable. Photographies Argentiques Je propose une série de photographies qui nous confronte à la réalité de ces hommes et de ces femmes de l’ombre condamnés à la clandestinité. Sorte de photographies d’identité paradoxales, ces images donnent forme à une identité cachée et bafouée.La photographie devient la mémoire du monde par l’objet du regard, mémoire de soi par le sujet du regard et mémoire du temps par l’acte du regard. Afghans, Kurds, Irakis, Sudanese … flee poverty, war, persecutions in their own country. Photographs of these men and women doomed to live as clandestines, are aimed at sharing their condition. One can feel these people’s reality.Through a glance, photography becomes the world’s memory, the memory of human being, the memory of time.

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15 janvier 2005 by amirouche Photography 0

Child in America

Child in America, 2005 Photographie argentique, 70×100 cm

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13 janvier 2005 by amirouche Photography 0

Le Temps d’une Ville

Le Temps d’une Ville, 2005 Photographies Argentiques 70 x 100cm These isolated and unnamed characters are confronted with city architecture. I aim at showing them as actors of our time, as well as reflections of our society. Spectators are free to feel the frontier between reality and imagination. This work is both a video and a photograph. Each detail refers to people’s life. These works are a mix of random encounters and complex storytelling, between snapshot and production.

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15 janvier 2004 by amirouche Photography 0


ATTENTE DU VERDICT. Prix LVMH 2004 Photographie argentique Cette photographie est surtout marquée par une hantise profonde de la mort et de l’attente d’un verdict où domine l’évocation des souffrances physiques et morales dans un monde désenchanté et sombre.Une vie , celle de ce jeune homme perdu dans son quotidien. This photography spots the obsessive fear of death and the expectation of the verdict. It evokes moral and physical pain, in a disanchanted and gloomy world. This photograph aims at showing Life, this young man’s life, lost in everyday life. It is both realistic and sad. This man (kid would be more accurate) was unaware of the outcome of the verdict. He hides into a mask of fear.This photograph has been processed through light, just before the development of the negative. The result was uncertain, mainly with the dense spreading of yellow and red colors. The light has spread all over the young man, like a surrealist fire. He remains in loneliness, overwhelmed by his own blunder.

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