13 janvier 2009 by amirouche Installations, Photography 0

Maux des Mots

Maux des Mots

Maux des Mots, 2009
Photographies Numeriques
Avec le soutien du collectif noir sur blanc : Gertrude II (Lyon), Chrysalide (Alger) et les Aftis (Jijel).

Diptyque photographique,
impression directe encre UV sur dibond,
70 x 120 cm (chaque).
Collection MAC/VAL,
musée d’art contemporain
du Val-de-Marne

The photography displays a violent contrast between the body and the words written on a woman`s back and it creates an analogy between body and nature.It tries to leave an essential place to words, to writing, to the voice that takes the form of a quest. Texts that give the viewer a kind of transmission. Words that echo pain, doubts, the anonimity of the one that communicates them.