New World/Nouveau Monde (Beirut)

New World/Nouveau Monde (Beirut)
Workshop and Curator – Halida Boughriet

“New World/Nouveau Monde” presents the works of 5 previous finalists of the Byblos Bank Award: Myriam Boulos, Ghaleb Cabbabé, Tarek Haddad, Lama Mattar, and Carmen Yahchouchy.  This initiative, which is part of the Byblos Bank Award’s 5th Anniversary celebrations, is the result of a special workshop organized in July 2016 by Byblos Bank and BEIRUT ART FAIR, and given by Franco-Algerian artist Halida Boughriet. This five-day workshop was open for all previous finalists of the Byblos Bank Award, and the organizers selected the five participating artists based on submitted portfolios. Participants had the opportunity to experiment with new artistic techniques with the aim of contributing to the plurality of interpretation and its different possibilities, exploring the notion of fracture in order to generate a new world and bring out the inexpressible, the indescribable.  This exhibition is a response to the breaches and wounds afflicting our contemporary world.


80 x 120 cm. (31 1/2 x 47 1/4 inches)

Réflexion (s) (2016),  est un extrait de la théorie de Leibniz selon laquelle la réalité est considérée comme un mélange de perceptions qui ensemble construisent une harmonie universelle.


DIMENSIONS VARIABLES – Impression grand format